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About Retail Air Systems HVAC Mall Division

By utilizing the Retail Air Systems, as the landlords designated mechanical contractor to provide and install the tenant's HVAC equipment, the owner can have a single source for the following:


* Maintain roof integrity by performing the roof penetrations during initial construction.
* Complete flexibility of HVAC equipment to the tenants.
* Maintain roof integrity by having a single source of responsibility.
* Coordinate with each tenant and their architect/engineer for the proper size equipment ordered for their space.
* Install each tenant's HVAC equipment on the roof, using the Universal Curb System.
* Start-up, Warrant, and provide first year service on all tenant units.
* Any owner requirements associated with the tenant equipment, (Energy Management Controls, Economizers, Smoke Evacuation) can be included in the tenant HVAC package.
* Retail Air Systems handles all billing and collection from each tenant.
* Retail Air Systems requires no up front capital from the owner for any of our products or services. In fact, if the project is approximately 60-70% leased at grand opening, we could possibly owe you money.

Be sure to ask about our program designed for owner-supplied HVAC projects.


Retail Air Systems

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contact: Dave Canter, President/Founder
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phone: 423.553.1000
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About Dave Canter

Since 1989, Dave Canter has been in the tenant HVAC business working with such developers as General Growth Properties, Wolford Development, Forest City Development, Glimcher Realty & Trust, and CBL & Associates on their single and multi- level regional shopping centers.